The Book of Heaven emphasizes the importance of the Bible.


Gathering of the Nations takes a look at the 2nd coming of Christ.


Footprints to the Future examines the signs of the times.


A New You! explores rebirth and how God recreates you as a new person.


Remember teaches us why we should respect the Sabbath and how to honor it.


The Sleep of Death answers the question, “What happens when you die?”


The Bondage Breaker shares the importance of overcoming addictions.


Just a Prayer Away teaches us how and why we should pray.


Protecting Our Heritage explains how to protect our relationship with God.


The Land With No Fences focuses on what Heaven will be like and who will be there.


The Great Spirit tells us about the Holy Spirit and what He does for our lives.


Our Trail of Hope talks about the hope God offers during times of suffering and despair.


Called to Serve demonstrates how everyone can share the love of God by serving others.


Our Creator’s Care explains why good food choices are essential for overall health.


The Gathering Place discusses the importance of fellowshipping with like believers.


God’s Scouts relates how we can all become members of God’s family by accepting His blanket of righteousness.


Keep the Home Fires Burning talks about the importance of marriage and what it takes to keep the husband and wife happy.


To Heal a Wounded Heart helps answer the questions, “Why do bad things happen to good people.” Forgiveness and moving forward are the means of healing hearts.


God’s Totem Pole explains the image of Biblical King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream using Native People’s historical totem poles.


Native Prosperity explains how God wants all people to prosper in their lives and what we can do to make it happen.


When the Storm Clouds Gather deals with suicide, what causes people to turn to suicide and the impact it has on family and friends. Witness how God turned around the life of a young woman who attempted suicide.


The Creator’s Last Cry discusses why God destroyed the earth with a flood and why the earth will be destroyed again after His 2nd coming.


Ambush on God’s Love explains how Satan instituted fear into the world and claims that God uses fear to force people into obedience.


Heaven’s Warriors shares how people can demonstrate and share God’s love.


Honoring Our Elders discusses the crisis among the new generations who are losing their heritage.


I Will Fight No More For Ever talks about the difficulty of totally surrendering all to Jesus and letting Him carry our burdens.